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The Different Types of Bottled Water for Babies

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Babies need to drink water, just as children and adults do. They also sometimes need water mixed in with their formula. Bottled water is the simplest and the safest type of water to use, but there are different types of bottled water out there. It is not all the same, and it is a good idea for parents to understand what they are buying so they can make the best decision for their little one. Here is a guide to the different types of bottled water for babies.

Why does it matter?

Labels on bottled water might be a little bit confusing, but they do matter, and they are relevant for the bottlers, the sellers, and the buyers. They ensure that the bottle contains the right kind of water for the buyer’s needs. Babies have special nutrition needs, and the type of water that is chosen needs to be pure enough to prevent interference with their required nutrients.

Purified water

This bottled water for babies has undergone a purification process. That process is usually reverse osmosis or some kind of filtration. Reverse osmosis is a common drinking water process. Osmosis is a natural process where a diluted solution passes through a membrane and flows into a more concentrated solution on the other side. Reverse osmosis does the opposite. Some pressure is applied so that the concentrated solution passes back through the membrane into a less concentrated solution. The water is now purified; it contains no unwanted minerals, or other impurities. Reverse osmosis eliminates chemicals and other harmful substances, making it safe to use as bottled water for babies.

Distilled water

This is another process for cleaning water. The water is boiled to the evaporation point, and the steam is gathered into a clean container. Then the steam is condensed back to make completely clean and safe bottled water for babies.

Mineral Water

Mineral water and spring water are similar bottled waters. Spring water comes naturally from a spring, or from an underground source of water. This means it contains minerals naturally. Mineral water contains at least 250 ppm of dissolved minerals, including calcium, potassium, and iron. In mineral water, the minerals may be artificially added, and the bottled water is labelled ‘mineral water’ as long as the ppm is to a consistent level.

Bottled water for babies

Parents and other caregivers do not just choose one of these types of bottled water for babies because they are concerned about the quality and cleanliness of their tap water, although that is one of the reasons. When you buy bottled water following these guidelines, you are choosing the water that will mix perfectly with your baby formula. Babies require a certain nutritional balance. Baby formula is already mixed to have vitamins and minerals in the right balance, and adding more with the water can throw this off. That’s why parents are advised to choose reverse osmosis or distilled water for their babies.

The best bottled water for babies

There are different types of bottle water to suit the needs of those drinking it. When you want to be sure that there are no added minerals, vitamins, or contaminants in the water, you should always choose purified distilled bottled water for babies. It is convenient and comforting.

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