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What kind of water is best for baby formula?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Everything that you give to your baby matters and water is no exception. Parents and caregivers want to give the best of everything available to their baby, right? Yes, including the water that is used to mix the formula, and parents often worry about using the right kind of water for baby formula. The answer is simple. Babies should have only purified, distilled water. It’s the best option, and here is why this option is best.

What kind of water is best for baby formula?

Tap water, as provided by the municipality, is safe for adults, but it is closer to its natural state than other waters.

There are a lot of contaminants originally in tap water, and although the water is filtered, much does remain. Doctors advise that tap water be boiled first—at least until the baby is six or seven months old. Springwater contains minerals, and yes, minerals are as important for babies as they are for anyone. There can be danger of your little one getting too many minerals at each meal. Baby formula is already balanced for proper nutrition, so adding more with the water can create a mineral overdose. Plus, it’s difficult to regulate exactly what baby is getting with meals if you don’t know exactly what is in the water. It’s best to be cautious when choosing water for baby formula. Let the formula itself do the nutritional work; it is already perfectly balanced.

There is a need for better water for parents to feel comfortable giving it to their little one, and that is why Bay-Bay Water was created.

Bay-Bay Water is the cleanest and purest water on the planet, and best for babies. The water was boiled into vapor and then condensed back into liquid form and bottled. All the impurities, chemicals and mineral content have been removed. Take phosphorus, for example. It is essential for good health, but not in too high of quantities, and it is difficult to determine how much is in the water source. Bay-Bay Water is 100% phosphate-free because it interferes with other minerals. Too much can cause diarrhea and can interfere with processing other minerals, like zinc or magnesium. In other words, the best water for baby formula must be completely phosphate-free.

There is a convenience factor to bottled water, which is why parents sometimes grab it when they are out.

Obviously, you don’t want to be testing for minerals and boiling water in the middle of the rest of your daily plans. You are too busy for that! Bay-Bay water comes in attractive and compact, individual bottles that you can take with you so that you always have some good water for baby formula on hand. Besides, there is a measurement gauge on the bottle so you always know how much you have used and how much you have left.

Bay-Bay Water: great for baby, great for you. Don’t take chances. The best water for baby formula and for busy parents on the go is clean, purified distilled water. The best water for babies is Bay-Bay Water.

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