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Doctors Recommend Purified Distilled Water

Distilled water is the purest form of drinking water on the planet. The purifying process occurs by boiling water into vapor and condensing it back into a liquid form. It is recommended for parents to use distilled water when mixing baby formula and cereals, in order to avoid an unhealthy intake of minerals. Since life is constantly in motion, our distilled water is designed for easy, on the go use.

it matters the water you use

water is life, and clean water means health

know how much water is left

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You want to give your baby the best nutrition, but there is so much information out there on what that actually means – and much of it is contradictory. It’s time for some clear advice.


Doctors recommend distilled water for babies that are on formula or rice cereal because the distilling process provides purified water for babies and removes the mineral content.


Wait – don’t babies need minerals?


Yes they do, but formula and rice cereal is made with a perfectly balanced blend of minerals. If you use regular bottled water for babies, or tap or well water, you run a risk of creating a mineral overdose.


Babies need time to build up their digestive and immune systems. During this time, it’s critical to ensure baby does not come into contact with contaminated water (such as untested well water) or water that has an undetermined mineral content (like spring water). This is why we have created Bay-Bay Water; purified water for babies. 


It’s very important to note that Bay-Bay Water is also phosphate free. Phosphorus attaches to soil particles.  During times of heavy rain, this soil easily moves into both surface and groundwater. Excess phosphorus in water encourages a process called eutrophication, which means the water develops less dissolved oxygen and increases in mineral and organic content. Phosphorus is important for good health, but too much phosphorus can cause diarrhea, hardening of organs and soft tissues, and interference with the body’s ability to process other minerals like zinc or magnesium. To be the best distilled water for babies, Bay-Bay is 100 percent phosphate free.


But that’s not all.


We provide our purified water for babies in compact, individual bottles for busy parents on the go. You can buy gallons of distilled water, but lugging around a large jug, or constantly having to sterilize jars to create portions of portable distilled water takes time – and we know that time is not something new parents have! Bay-Bay Water keeps the health of your baby and the convenience of parents top of mind. 


New parents worry a lot, but Bay-Bay Water gives you much less to stress about. Simply grab a conveniently-sized bottle of the best distilled water for your baby, whether it’s mealtime at home or whether you are on the go. You get to reclaim some precious time, and the baby gets the proper nutrition they need. 


Our purified water for babies consists of nothing but clean, safe drinking water. Our sleek, individual BPA-free bottle design makes it portable and convenient. Bay-Bay Water – it’s the pure solution.