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How to Choose Water for Your Baby Formula

Updated: Apr 7

While everyone knows that being a parent is difficult and tiresome, a lot of people don’t know the extent of it. For one, if you want to bottle feed your baby with baby formula, you really shouldn’t just give them any old water. In fact, it is important to find out the best water for baby formula that you can use to protect your baby. Here are some tips for deciding!

How to Choose Water for Your Baby Formula

Check for Fluoride in the Water While fluoride in water is generally thought of as a good thing, the American Dental Association has warned that, in high concentrations, it is possible that water for the baby formula with lots of fluoride in it could potentially lead to discoloration on your baby’s teeth. Worse yet, the discoloration can seep to your baby’s developing adult teeth, leading to permanent tooth discoloration into adulthood. For that reason, it is important to test the water for baby formula that you intend to use to determine whether it has high concentrations of fluoride or not. If it does, then it’s probably not the best water to use for your baby’s formula! Be Careful with Some Bottled Waters While your initial thought might be something along the lines of “purified water is purified, so it must be good,” this is not necessarily true when it comes to water for baby formula. Not all purified water is quite as purified as some. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the bottled water you use for baby formula is truly purified, lacking a high concentration of fluoride or any other minerals that could potentially have adverse effects on a developing infant. Speaking of Minerals, Be Careful with Well Water As mentioned, it is important to make sure the water for baby formula that you decide to use is low on minerals that could potentially have negative effects on your baby. A lot of people opt to drink well water rather than bottled and distilled water. If you decide to do so, it might not be a bad idea to, again, test the water to see what concentration of minerals or bacteria is in it. If there are any that could be potentially harmful to your baby in its earliest stages, do not use that water for baby formula. Also, Don’t Always Trust Boiling Water A lot of people think that boiling water completely kills off any harmful bacteria. While boiling water can help to get rid of some of these, it does not do the job completely. So be aware of this before you decide that boiling the water for baby formula is the perfect solution. Your Best Bet Is to Ask Your Doctor If you are really unsure what to use as water for baby formula, ask your doctor! Your doctor will be able to give you a good answer, leaving you feeling a lot better in the end. So, don’t let this decision stress you out too much. The answer is only a simple question away!

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