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How to Choose Bottled Water for Babies

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Can You Give Bottled Water to Babies?

There are many times when bottled water may be the only option to give a thirsty baby. Perhaps you’re out on a hot summer day, and you forgot the baby’s water bottle at home. What do you do? You head to the store and buy some bottled water. Or maybe the water in your home isn’t safe for drinking, and you need to rely on bottled water to keep your baby hydrated and happy. There are many situations where you may find yourself having to give bottled water to your baby. But is bottled water safe for babies? The short answer is “yes.” Bottled water is safe to give to babies—as long as they are six months or older. But not all bottled water is the same. Many national health services and agencies recommend that bottled water is boiled before given to a baby. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Well, not necessarily. There are many different kinds of bottled water, and some are safer for babies than others.

Types of Bottled Water

There are many different types of bottled water. Some are better for babies than others. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) stipulates that babies can be given low-fluoride bottled water for formula and for drinking, although it’s important to avoid bottled water that contains too much sulfate or sodium. Bottled water may also not be as sterile as it is advertised, so it’s important to find a type and brand of bottled water that you trust.

How to Choose Bottled Water for Babies

Bottled water comes in many forms:

1. Mineral water. Of all the types, this is not the bottled water for babies. This type of bottled water contains high quantities of totally dissolved minerals, which means it should not be given to babies. While many of the minerals that are present in the water may occur naturally, some manufacturers may add minerals for added health benefits or taste effects. What may be good for an adult’s health is not necessarily good for babies.

2. Packaged drinking water. Packaged drinking water is quite common and goes by a variety of names, including purified water. This type of bottled water is sourced from natural waterways, such as lakes, rivers, and sometimes even public taps. The water is filtrated and undergoes UV treatments and reverse osmosis for cleanliness and taste. However, like mineral water, packaged drinking water is not the best bottled water for babies or baby formula. It may not be totally safe for babies as it may not have the sterility levels necessary for a baby.

3. Distilled water. Dissolved water is the purest form of drinking water on the planet. It undergoes a process of purification that occurs by boiling water into vapor and condensing it back into a liquid form. Distilled water is the best type of bottled water for babies as it doesn’t contain added minerals and will not harm your baby. Parents can also use distilled water to mix baby formula and cereals that are safe for baby’s consumption.

Your baby’s well-being is your primary concern, so, naturally, you want your baby drinking the cleanest, freshest, and safest bottled water. Following these tips can ensure you are choosing the best bottled water for babies and baby formula.

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