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Know Before You Buy, Ask - “Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?”

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

You may have heard that tap water can be dangerous for your baby, or that the only water safe to use is bottled water. There is some truth to this statement, but the hazards are not limited only to tap water; some bottled water may have similar issues to tap water. Knowing why tap water can be dangerous, and what the best bottled water for babies is can help keep your baby safe and healthy.

The Problems with Tap Water

One of the main problems with tap water is that it may not be completely purified. For an adult or older child, this does not pose a serious problem. However, for babies who don’t yet have a developed immune system, the bacteria and chemicals in tap water could cause sickness.

Tap water is also infused with many different minerals. While these are not directly harmful, they could offset the balance of your baby’s diet. The formula and soft foods for babies are made with controlled mineral amounts for your baby. Using tap water also containing minerals could create an imbalance, as the mineral amounts are not known.

Benefits of Using the Best Bottled Water for Babies

Not every type of bottled water is the same. Many companies sell purified mineral water, cleaned of harmful chemicals and bacteria but still containing minerals. The best bottled water for babies is distilled water.

What may come to mind is the large jugs of distilled water available at your local grocery store, but their size and weight is not practical for a baby on the go. Here at Bay Bay Water, we provide compact sizes of the best bottled water for babies. Our bottles are perfect for slipping into a baby bag for preparing formula and other dry foods on the go.

They ensure your baby is safe from the bacteria and harmful chemicals in tap water and don’t harbor the danger of a mineral imbalance.

The Right Mineral Balance for Your Baby

By using the best bottled water for babies, you can be sure your baby won’t be getting an imbalanced amount of minerals. But since babies still require minerals for healthy growth, their diet must be monitored to ensure they’re getting what they need.

Many of the necessary minerals and nutrients for babies, such as calcium and healthy fats, can be gained from formula and milk. Formula mixtures are usually made to act as meals for newborns and supplements for solid food as a baby grows. Other nutrients and minerals can be gained in healthy amounts from fruit and vegetable snacks, and as your baby grows, nuts and meats.

Keeping your baby healthy is of primary concern. Understanding the dangers of bacteria and harmful chemicals present in tap water, as well as the imbalance of minerals will help you keep your baby strong and healthy. By using the best bottled water for babies when mixing formula, your baby will receive the right balance of minerals and nutrients, growing up happy and strong.

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