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Using Tap Water to Make Baby Formula: Three Reasons it's a Bad Idea

Updated: May 24

Every parent wants the best for their child and keeping your baby safe is at the top of your priority list. While we can’t always keep our children from bumping their heads or getting into trouble, we can ensure their diet is balanced and designed for their safety. A baby’s health and wellbeing start at the bottle. Mixing formula and cereals may seem like a simple process, but did you know there are risks associated with using tap water for baby formula?

Using Tap Water to Make Baby Formula: Three Reasons it's a Bad Idea

1. Trace Minerals in Tap Water

Tap water is a convenient and cost-effective source for water, but unfortunately tap water is not ideal for mixing baby formula. Using tap water for baby formula comes with additional risks. Tap water is known to have traces of minerals that, when mixed with your go-to formula, can potentially lead to a mineral overdose. All the minerals your little one needs are included in their formula, so when you mix tap water into the equation, your baby is getting a surplus of minerals.

2. Fluoride Risk

“I have a filter – is using my tap water for baby formula still risky?” While many of us trust in our home water filtration systems to protect our household from harmful substances hiding in tap water, even some of the best filters on the market cannot remove added fluoride. Infants are significantly more sensitive to the effects of fluoride on the human body, and in some cases, infants that are fed formula mixed with fluoridated water suffer higher rates of teeth discoloration or dental fluorosis. It is important to know exactly what is in your water before using it as a mix for baby formula, and unfortunately, knowing the chemical makeup of your municipality’s water system is not always as easy as reading an ingredients label.

3. Lead in the Water

By now, most of us are familiar with the struggles of Flint, Michigan over lead concentrations in their tap water. Lead contamination is a major concern for families everywhere. Lead enters your household through lead pipes that are corroded and leach lead into the water. Lead exposure during childhood has been associated with reduced cognitive function and increased behavioral problems. The risks of lead exposure far outweigh the convenience of using tap water for baby formula.

Mix your Formula with the Safest Distilled Water

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