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The Dangers of Using Tap Water for Baby Formula

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Having a new baby in the home can bring so many emotions. There is the pure joy of seeing your new child in your arms and the absolute love that this brings. There is the fear that you are not going to be the parent you want to be and that you will make mistakes. There can also be the suffocation of everyone telling you how to parent. As a new parent, you need to take the time to sift through all the information that is presented to you from family, friends, and even general society. This can be overwhelming. People will even talk about what and how to feed your baby. There is one decision about feeding your child that you do need to make, though, and that is how to chose the water for baby formula.

Why is the water for baby formula important?

No matter what formula you choose to feed your new child, it is designed to mimic human breast milk. Whether it is organic or not, and it does not matter on what brand you chose, the formula has a set balance of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to best simulate mother’s milk. When you use tap water, this can change the balance of the minerals in the formula, and this can cause a child to overdose on minerals and vitamins. An overdose of minerals can cause health concerns for your child, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. This can cause nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. This can also be easily avoided by not using tap water and instead choosing the right water for the baby formula.

The Dangers of Using Tap Water for Baby Formula

Is distilled water really better then tap water?

Tap water can cause an imbalance of minerals and vitamins when used as water for baby formula, but there are additional concerns. One of the concerns is that each city treats their water differently and has different regulations for what is deemed safe drinking water. Although the water will be deemed safe for human consumption, there are sometimes additives used to purify the water. This could include chemicals such as chlorine or flocculation to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses.

Water can also be run through charcoal filters to remove gravel and sand. These chemicals will enter your child’s body when you use tap water for the baby formula. Using purified, distilled water instead provides your formula with clean water that has no additives. Purified, distilled water is heated until it turns into a vapor and then is captured in a different container where it condenses into clean pure water. The heat process also kills the bacteria and viruses that city water treatment uses chemicals to kill. Clean and pure water is the best option for your child.

Other benefits for using purified, distilled water

Using a convenient bottle of purified, distilled water for baby formula means that you are not searching for a clean tap to get water from. Pure and distilled water is available in convenient sized bottles that fit in diaper bags and are easily accessible when your child is hungry.

For more information about pure distilled water for baby formula, click here.

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