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Why Should I Use Bottled Water to Make Formula?

Updated: May 24

Today’s parents have more information at our fingertips than ever before. When we have decisions to make around the best care for our precious little ones, we can head to our touchscreens. The days of shifting through conflicting advice given by relatives and friends with different parenting styles are thankfully behind us. One of our biggest concerns is to ensure we’re nourishing our babies in the best ways possible so we can keep them healthy and happy. And when it comes to babies and formula feeding, it’s all about what’s in our water. Which brings to question, how important is it to use bottled water for formula?

The news today constantly points to water contamination incidents across the nation. Heading to the tap with our bottles can be risky when we can’t be sure what’s actually pouring out. While some parents may be tempted to move to spring water for their formula needs, that, too, is not recommended because of its minerals and the potential for overdose. The safest, most consistent and comforting option for parents today is to use purified distilled bottled water for formula and cereal for our babies. That’s why, at Baby Blendy, we made sure our Bay-Bay bottled water meets our priority to provide you the best when it comes to your baby’s health. Our goal is your family’s safety, convenience, and peace of mind, so you can focus on creating the moments and memories that last.

bottled water for formula

Safety first.

When we say we thoroughly care about delivering you the safest baby care products, it’s not something we take lightly. We know distilled water is the purest form of drinking water on our planet and our distillation process showcases our devotion to safety. When parents use our distilled bottled water for formula and babies’ cereals, they can rest assured that they’re eliminating unhealthy minerals in their baby’s diet, and that the water they are providing is phosphate and fluoride-free. We make sure our water stays pure along every step of the way at our production facility. It starts with the safe handling of our product from the single service bottles that arrive wrapped in film, to our secure storage, sanitizing ozone rinse, use of UV filters, and our bottle capping stations. We ensure all of this to promise you the purity of the entire product through a process you can count on. Put your mind at ease with the consistent safety our product delivers so you can give your energy to your baby.

Convenience for the parent on the go.

Although distilled water is the safest choice for our babies, who has time to purify their own water in today’s fast-paced life? We know your hands are full, and you have better things to spend your quality time with your children on. Forget sterilizing breakable glass bottles, packing around jugs of water, or worrying about where to get safe, bottled water for formula feeding time. When you use our convenient, single serve, distilled water bottles, you can rest assured that you have the healthiest source of water for your baby formula needs wherever you go, no matter how fast life is moving. Make these moments even more special with our award-winning bottles.

Nothing but the best for your baby.

Providing today’s parents with the safest and most convenient care products for their babies is what we do. At the heart of that are love, quality, and reassurance you can count on. We’re proud of the processes and products we create with your baby’s health and safety in mind, so you don’t have to worry. Our promise to you: Bay-Bay is the healthy, distilled water for formula you can trust.

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