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Can You Use Purified Water for Baby Formula?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Can you use purified water in baby formula? The short answer is yes. In fact, you should only use purified water for babies. This blog will discuss why.

Impurities and Contamination – Why Risk It?

Babies are known for a lot of things, namely being cute, cuddly and a joy to have. What they are not known for is robust, fully formed immune systems. What an adult or older teen could fight off when it comes to contaminated water is very difficult for a baby to achieve. Mostly, we can trust our municipal water systems, but problems do occur. From natural radon seeping into water supplies and wells, to the major issues of lead like in Michigan, just a few drinks of contaminated water could spell disaster for a child. Purified water for babies is the solution. You never have to worry when using pure, distilled water to make formula or rice cereal for baby.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Water has naturally occurring minerals that are incredibly beneficial. The issue is, so does formula. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. The minerals in water added to the minerals in municipal and tap water can be too much for baby. Mineral toxicity can overload their developing system. Purified water for babies is preferred to prevent this problem.

Clean Bottles

You want to do your part in saving the environment but reusing a bottle from home may not be the best idea. A fresh, sealed bottle of distilled water that you can throw in your bag is guaranteed to have sterile water inside. Filling a bottle from a jug or tap cannot offer the same level of safety.

Purified Water for Babies from Bay Bay

Here at Bay Bay Water, we take distilled water very seriously. Our founder is a new parent, and he created the company out of the driving need to have clean, distilled water for his child. He and his wife own a variety of business interests and are always on the go – they needed a water solution that is as active as they are! The answer was Bay Bay Water, and it worked so well he grew a company around the concept to help other parents as well.

Bay Bay Water is guaranteed to be the freshest, cleanest, most easily portable water bottle for you and your child(ren). Our 16.9 oz bottles are lightweight, and we sell them as a 12 pack, so you’ll always have one on hand. No need to make time to go to the store between feedings. Simply buy Bay Bay Water on Amazon or Walmart online. We offer fast and hassle-free shipping. Our bottles are BPA-free, and our product is 100% American made and processed.

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