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Six Reasons Why Children Should Drink Distilled Water

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Water is an essential part of life, so when it comes to a baby, you need to ensure you have the purest water possible to regulate what is being put into their bodies. When you are preparing food for your child, you should be considering distilled water for formula to avoid contaminated water or an unhealthy excess of minerals in their body.

Six Reasons Why Children Should Drink Distilled Water

No Water Borne Diseases

Distilled water for the formula is the purest form of water you can get for a baby, which means you can easily avoid water-borne diseases that may manage to sneak their way in through other sources of water. Distilled water is water that has been boiled down; then the steam is captured and dripped into a clean container. This means you get only the water molecules and none of the other contaminants or waterborne diseases that may have been in the water.

Mineral Free Water

Using distilled water for formula also means that you will not be subjecting your baby’s body to an excessive amount of minerals. While a baby’s developing body does need minerals to properly develop and grow, an excessive amount could cause issues. Distilled water is free from any minerals, so that the amount given to your baby through their formula and cereals are their main and perhaps only source of minerals. Formula and cereals for babies have been formulated to have the correct amount of minerals babies need for proper development, so any extra from the water source may result in too many minerals being put into their bodies.

Removes Contaminants

When using tap water, there is a certain amount of chemicals added to the municipal water to ensure that it is clean and safe to use for the general public, but these chemicals may be excessive for a baby. This means that distilled water for the formula is going to be much safer to use for your baby, with all the contaminants being removed during the distillation process.

Helps Remove Acidic Waste From the Body

An added benefit for using distilled water for the formula is the fact that water in its purest form of just two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule has a slightly uneven distribution of its electron charge even though it is electrically neutral. This slight imbalance allows the distilled water to create an alkaline environment even though it tests as being acidic. This slight charge allows the water molecules to attract acidic waste products and flush them out of your baby’s system, cleansing them of this waste.

Protects the Developing Body

By removing waste and contaminants and being free of minerals, using distilled water for formula can protect the baby’s body while it is developing. The immature, porous blood-brain barrier of a baby means even small amounts of chemicals can affect the brain much easier; thus, distilled water for the formula is highly recommended.

Safer Than Bottled Spring Water

For many brands, you can never be sure where bottled spring water actually comes from, or how much they have actually filtered the water. This is why distilled water for formula is preferred over bottled spring water. With distilled water for formula, you are going to be certain that the water is free from minerals, contaminants, and things that cause water-borne diseases.

For the best bottled water for babies on the go, consider stocking up on purified distilled water available from Bay Bay Water LLC. We use only BPA-free and phosphate-Free #1 PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles for the safest water you can have for your baby.

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