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The Importance of Including Distilled Water in Your Baby’s Diet

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Distilled water is great for mixing formula and rice cereal. In fact, it is better than tap water since the naturally occurring minerals are removed in the distillation process. What? Aren’t those minerals beneficial? Yes! The minerals in tap and clean natural water are incredibly beneficial – for adults. For babies, it’s a different story. Read on to learn why and how to find the best distilled water for baby.

Mineral Imbalances are Bad for Baby

Baby’s rice cereal or formula is carefully constructed with all the vitamins and minerals needed. Water that is not distilled could cause an imbalance and have a negative effect on baby. Signs of mineral toxicity include arrythmia, headache, upset stomach and diarrhea, among other indicators.

This History of Nose Piercings - History, Types, Care are Also Bad for Baby

As we have seen time and time again, mistakes happen with municipal water systems. The issues in Flint, Michigan are just one example of how water contamination can have devastating effects on a population. The best distilled water for baby is free of impurities, leaving you able to give your infant or toddler a drink, cereal or formula without worry.

Avoid Fluorosis

Most municipal water systems have fluoride. This is a beneficial compound that helps prevent tooth decay in older children. However, excess consumption of fluoride can lead to fluorosis.

Fluorosis occurs in children aged eight and younger, causing pits and poorly formed teeth enamel. While extreme cases are not common, prevention is in your hands. The best distilled water for babies is fluoride-free, so there is no worry about your child’s tooth development.

The Best Distilled Water for Baby is Convenient

It’s easy to find huge jugs of distilled water to keep in the home, but that is not the best solution for busy parents on the go. You’ve got baby in the car, in day home and on playdates. You need a water bottle that can be slipped into the diaper bag, easy to keep in the trunk or stroller or handed to a caregiver. The best distilled water for baby is lightweight and portable so you can enjoy your active lifestyle without heavy jugs of water slowing you down.

The Best Distilled Water for Baby is Bay Bay Water

Bay Bay Water is the solution parents need for the highest quality, most convenient, portable bottles of distilled water. We use a seven step process to ensure each bottle is free of fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, minerals, lead, mold, fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria. Online ordering is easy through Amazon or Walmart, and we offer hassle free shipping and returns.

Our 12 packs of 16.9 oz bottles are lightweight and easy to store, pack and carry on the go. Whether you need a refreshing drink of water for baby, to mix cereal or formula, or even need a sip of pure water yourself while out the kids, Bay Bay Water is ready to go!

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