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Reasons Babies Cry and What You Should Do

Updated: Feb 26

Babies are adorable bundles of joy, but their cries can leave parents feeling perplexed and anxious. Crying is a natural means of communication for infants, and understanding why they cry is vital for providing appropriate care. Colic is a common concern that can cause excessive crying and distress in both babies and parents. Today we will discuss the various reasons babies cry, from hunger to colic.

Common Reasons Babies Cry

Babies cry as their primary means of communication, expressing various needs and discomforts that they cannot articulate otherwise. Common reasons for crying include:

  • Hunger: Cues include smacking lips, rooting, or sucking on their fingers. This indicates that your baby may be hungry, and it is time to prepare a bottle. Be sure to use purified, distilled water to reduce discomfort from unwanted particles in water.

  • Sleepiness: Look for cues including yawning or rubbing eyes. Take the baby to a quiet, dimly lit room to reduce stimulation and put them to sleep.

  • Dirty diapers: Check your baby regularly to ensure they are not too wet or have soiled their diaper.

  • The need for attention: Sometimes babies cry just because they want some affection. Play with them, talk to them, or read to them to keep their interest.

  • Gas or colic: Be sure to burp the baby regularly after feeding to ensure no air remains in their stomach or digestive system. Using purified, distilled water can reduce discomfort.

  • Teething: Teething causes pain and discomfort in babies. Try offering a cold cloth or teething toys to help relieve pain. Massaging the gums can help too.

  • Overstimulation: Too much noise and light can overstimulate babies. Reduce sensory overload by taking the baby to a quiet place and offering comfort through holding or swaddling.

  • Temperature sensitivity: If the baby is too hot or too cold, they will be uncomfortable. Be sure to dress your baby appropriately for the weather and temperature.

  • Illness: Watch for signs of illness including fever, vomiting, fussiness, or changes in feeding patterns. Comfort baby and only offer medicine if directed by a doctor.

As caregivers, it's essential to respond promptly and attentively to their cries, offering comfort and reassurance. Staying calm and patient during these moments is crucial, as it allows us to better understand and meet the baby's needs effectively. Patience enables us to navigate through the challenges of parenthood with empathy, ensuring a strong caregiver-child bond and fostering emotional development. A calm and soothing presence can comfort the baby, reinforcing a sense of security and trust, even in the face of distress. By remaining composed, caregivers can provide the love and support necessary to nurture a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted baby.


One of the many reasons that babies cry is colic. Colic is defined as excessive crying in an otherwise healthy and well-fed baby. It typically starts around the age of two weeks and can last until the baby is around three to four months old. Colic episodes often occur in the late afternoon or evening, and the exact cause remains uncertain. However, it is believed that immature digestive systems, gas, and intestinal discomfort may contribute to colic. Though there is no known cure for colic, you can help keep your baby comfortable by using mineral-free, distilled water and the proper bottles to reduce air intake.

The Best Water to Reduce Crying from Colic

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Our bottles of BPA-free, purified distilled water are perfectly portable and safe for drinking. Our water contains natural minerals – no unwanted additives or contaminants that could potentially harm your baby's health. That means peace of mind knowing your little one is always getting exactly what they need!

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