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Why is it Safe to Give Distilled Water to Babies?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

New parents have so many worries about what is right for babies, and for their baby in particular. Nutrition is one of the biggest worries, and that is not surprising, with all the options and advice that is available. Water is one of the healthiest things for adults, but most parents know not to give it to babies before they are six months old; but what about distilled water for babies? Why is it safe?

Why is it Safe to Give Distilled Water to Babies?

There are different types of water, but not all are right for your little one. The main thing that you should know about distilled water is that all the minerals and impurities have been removed in the distilling process. There are no minerals in distilled water, and that is the reason it is used for babies and is best for baby formula.

Babies need minerals, too, of course, but not in uncontrolled dosages. Doctors recommend giving distilled water to babies because they will be getting all the minerals they need from the baby formula. If tap water or spring water is used, then it is much harder for caregivers to control the amount of minerals baby is getting. The best distilled water for babies and baby formula is very clear on what is present in the water. Purified water for your baby is exactly what you should be using to mix with baby formula.

It’s not just formula-fed babies that should not have tap water, spring water, or other mineral water. Tap water is not good for breast-fed babies, either. Too much of the wrong kind of water can interfere with nutrient intake here, too. If you are wondering how to follow conflicting advice from everybody that wants to provide it — that is, don’t give water to babies under six months old, but be sure to mix water with the baby formula and other cereals—well, it’s a bit confusing. Just use the best distilled water for baby formula; it is both safe and recommended. Distilled water is safe, not because it ignores your little one’s nutritional needs, but because it recognizes them.

Parents can use bottled distilled water to make things a little easier for themselves, too. When you use bottled water, you know that there is no contamination, and you also know that you are getting the safest choice and the best distilled water for baby. In addition, it is convenient.

Of course, safety and good nutrition are the top benefits in everything that you do for your baby, and if you don’t have to overlook convenience at the same time, then you have the best distilled water for the baby formula. You don’t want to have to boil it and cool it yourself because not only would that be time-consuming, but it would also not be the same standard. Buying it in large plastic jugs is not as convenient as purchasing it in small, individual bottles.

The best distilled water for mixing with baby formula is Bay-Bay Purified Distilled Water. It’s water for babies, yes, but it has the parents in mind, too. It comes in easy-to-transport bottles, just like the water you buy for yourself. Life is busy; this is easy—and safe for babies.

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