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How to Safely Prepare Baby Formula with Bottled Water

Updated: May 24

The Best Nourishment for your Baby

Your baby is the most precious part of your life. You naturally want the best for your baby, to give him or her the best start in a long, healthy life. Since you know your baby is vulnerable to any number of unseen safety and health hazards, and since your precious baby obviously can’t acquire nutrients from solid foods for the first several months of her or his life, high-quality formula is in order. Nutritious formulas and rice cereals are healthful and convenient sustenance for your baby, containing a balanced source of nutrients and minerals that demand the proper water. This can pose a particular problem. While it seems like a no-brainer to choose filtered spring water, it can pose some unseen problems that make bottled water for formula the smarter choice for your baby’s health.

How to Safely Prepare Baby Formula with Bottled Water


One of the most prominent and vital advantages to using bottled water for formula for your baby, as opposed to mineralized spring water, is not risking adding elements that could put your baby’s health at risk. Bottled water is demineralized and distilled through a rigorous process dedicated to taking out excess elements, like natural minerals, which are still present in even filtered spring water.

The problem with adding minerals to your baby’s formula is simply that formula already contains the optimal amount of minerals conducive to your baby’s health. The addition of natural minerals from spring water (or filtered municipal water) to your baby’s formula brings the risk of adding excess minerals to your baby’s diet, which can result in problems with blood and digestion. Using bottled water for formula is a much safer approach.


Another advantage to using bottled water for formula is the guaranteed avoidance of unwanted odorless and colorless contaminants to your baby’s formula. Babies have a very delicate health balance to maintain, and even trace amounts of contaminants over time can disrupt your baby’s health and compromise your baby’s immune system, possibly causing lifelong health setbacks.

Safe Preparation with Bottled Water

Using bottled water for formula safely is a simple process. You must first guarantee that your bottled water for formula is absent of phosphates and fluorides, and that it is amply softened and distilled. The purer the water, the better it will be for safe addition to a formula concentrate.

Ensure the powder or liquid concentrate of the formula is not expired, and follow the instructions to make sure that you’re using the proper proportion of bottled water for formula. Make sure your hands are washed and that the bottle nipple is sterilized. Shake the formula, and if the instructions call for it, warm the formula to a lukewarm temperature in a bowl of warm water, or run it under warm water. Avoid heating the formula in a microwave, which can carry the risk of uneven warming, creating hot spots that can burn your baby’s mouth and tongue.

The Best Bottled Water for Formula

You want the best for your baby, so you want to carefully consider the source of your bottled water for formula. If you want to guarantee phosphate-free, fluoride-free, de-ionized distilled water for your baby’s best safety, visit Bay Bay Water, specializing in bottled water specifically for baby formula. Contact us for more details.

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