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Is it Safe to Give Bottled Water to Babies?

Updated: May 24

When you have a new baby at home, it may seem that there is a lot to worry about. There are a lot of decisions about what to feed baby, and how to prepare food. One thing that you shouldn’t have to worry about is water. All people need water, including babies, but what is the best choice here? Tap water, filtered water, or bottled water for babies? Is it safe to give bottled water to babies?

Is it Safe to Give Bottled Water to Babies?

Use the right kind of water

Without elaborate tests, it can be hard to be sure what is in the water that is available. What is the difference between the waters, and why should it matter to the baby? Doctors recommend distilled, purified bottled water for babies because this kind of bottled water is specially formulated to be just what baby needs, especially when the water is used for mixing formulas.

Doctors say that it is safe to give bottled water to babies older than six months old, but it is best to be careful as to just what kind of bottled water. Is it mineral water, packaged tap water, or distilled water? The best choice of bottled water for babies is bottled water that is packaged especially for babies, and this is purified and distilled water (, not drinking water or mineral water.

The best-bottled water for babies is distilled water

The reason the Distilled water is best for babies is because they need their minerals in the correct balance. The bottled water is likely to be used to mix formula, which is already balanced with the proper amount of nutrients and minerals, and adding unknown amounts from tap water or mineral water can put the balance out. Distilled bottled water is pure, and not only is it safe to give baby, but it’s also a lot more convenient.

Bottled water for babies is packaged conveniently and ready to go. When the water is distilled, it means that the water has been purified through boiling, and it is certainly free of contaminants, added minerals, or even naturally occurring minerals. To do this, yourself is a bit of a hassle, but it’s necessary if you don’t have bottled water. Once the water has been distilled through boiling, it is then purified as vapor and condensed back into a usable, drinkable liquid. This is the only way that it is certain to be completely free of contaminants, or minerals, and so, of course, it is more convenient to use bottled water for babies.

We always recommend being careful with what you give to your baby when it comes to water. Some water is okay for babies, and some are not, always check the labels. The water that is okay for babies under- and over- six months of age is Bay Bay Water’s bottled water for Babies--it is the parents’ choice because it has no chemicals added to it. Bottled water is convenient and busy, on-the-go parents can take it anywhere with them so that there is always some water on hand. It comes in easy to handle packaging with a handy measure on the side, so you always know how much has been used and how much is left.

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