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Water for Babies – Why Distilled Water is the Best Choice

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

You want your baby to have the best of everything. Making sure your baby is healthy and happy is the top of your priority list. Have you considered the quality of the water that you are mixing with your baby’s formula? Did you know the water that you are mixing with formula is almost as important as the formula itself? This is why many parents are using distilled water for babies.

Tap Water

Tap water often has additives that are healthy for adults, but that may not be very good for our little ones. For example, some municipalities add fluoride to their tap water. Since some levels of fluoride are healthy, many formula brands also include it as an ingredient. If your formula has fluoride added, make sure you use distilled water for babies to make sure your child is not getting too much fluoride. Too much fluoride can lead to future discoloration of your baby’s permanent teeth.

Many pediatricians suggest boiling tap water before using it in infant formulas or cereals, just to be safe. This process kills bacteria that may exist in the water. Using distilled water for babies is safe as-is and does not need to be boiled before use.

distilled water for babies

Well Water

If the water in your house is well water, you should have it routinely tested for safety. You also need to know the levels of minerals within the water. Some well water is not safe to drink, while some is safe for adults but not as safe for babies. Many pediatricians suggest that well water should be boiled before using it in infant formulas or cereals. Distilled water for babies is a much safer and more reliable choice than well water.

Bottled Water

Regular bottled water is generally very similar to tap water. It is approved by the FDA much like tap water is. Since bottled water can sit on the grocery store shelf for quite some time before being used, the possibility that is has bacteria growing in it is higher. If you are going to use bottled water in your baby’s formula or cereal, it should be boiled before use. Choosing bottled distilled water for babies removes the hassle of boiling and cooling water multiple times a day.

Distilled Water

Distilled water for babies is the best choice because the water is purified and minerals are removed. Baby formulas and cereals already contain the minerals that your baby needs to be safe, so any added minerals can become too much for their little bodies. It is also a lot less hassle to use distilled water than it is to constantly have to boil tap, well, or bottled water.

Best Distilled Water for Babies

The best distilled water for babies is Bay-Bay Water. It is purified and bottled with care, so you know that you are giving the best water to your sweet little one. The bottles themselves are clear, which makes it easy for you to keep track of how much is left. They also come in convenient sizes that make it easy to throw in your diaper bag. With Bay-Bay Water, you can always be prepared with high quality, safe, distilled water.

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