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How Can Bottled Water Help Your Baby to Have a Healthy Life?

Updated: Mar 31

Is water safe for babies to drink? If you’re new to parenting, this might not have been a question you ever considered before but it is an important one to answer. While tap water monitored by your city is most likely okay for your baby, there are exclusions and safer options. National and international health agencies recommend cold water over hot water, which may contain more lead or other harmful bacteria you don’t want your baby drinking. In addition to hot water, it is best to avoid well water as there may be a high concentration of heavy metals or fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, and arsenic. If well water is one of the only options for your baby, ensure it is tested at least twice a year for these substances and coliform bacteria. One of the safest water sources for a baby is bottled water. Keep reading to learn more.

How to choose the best bottled water for babies

Over 300 contaminants can be found in tap water in the United States, says Environmental Working Group (EWG). Even though more than half of these chemicals can be legally present in any amount, there are others that have been found above the federal government’s guidelines. Boiling water doesn’t necessarily mean these containments are removed. While this makes bottled water the best for babies, here are other things to take into consideration:

1. Spring water is okay for adults to drink but it is not recommended for infants as it contains minerals that, when mixed with formula, could lead to mineral overdose. It can also cause damage to your baby’s forming teeth because of the mineral buildup.

2. When deciding which bottled water for choose for your baby, distilled water is the purest form, and therefore, the best bottled water for babies. The water goes through a purifying process which includes boiling water into vapor and condensing it back into liquid form. This removes harmful minerals so your baby can drink safely.

3. Distilled water is also the best bottled water for babies because it can be mixed into baby formula and cereals, ensuring your baby avoids consuming excess minerals during meal or bottle time.

4. Parents also need to pay attention to the packaging of water to ensure they have the best bottled water for babies. Examine the inside and outside of a bottle of water before buying it to ensure the seal is not broken, and the water is clear with no materials floating in it. Water also has a shelf life, so check the “best-before” date with every purchase.

Not only is distilled water the best bottled water for babies because of its purity, it is also convenient for the parent on the go. Some bottles are even designed to measure out how much water is being used. You can conveniently store large amounts of distilled water in case of emergencies. While bottled water should be refrigerated after being open, if the seal is intact, store it in a cool, clean, and dark place like a basement or pantry.

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