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The Real Truth About Bottled Water, Purified Water, and Tap Water

Babies, like all of us, need the good stuff that is in all water, but also like all of us, the quality of the water matters. On the other hand, no one should have to worry about water, and that is true most of all for those with a new baby at home. Here are some clear explanations of the options for water that are available and why purified water for babies is the best choice.

Tap Water

What is it? Tap water is the water that comes out of the taps. Only use the water from the cold water tap for babies, and allow the water to flush any contaminants out of the pipes that might have accumulated.

Tap water is cost-effective and almost always available, and it is great for washing and for cooking. The balance of minerals in the water is not likely to be optimum for babies, even if the water is filtered for home drinking, and it is not considered to be the purified water for babies that is needed.

There can be unknown and unwanted substances in tap water. Fluoride is one mineral that is commonly added to water, and the amount in the water may too much for a baby, especially as the minerals in formulas and cereals are already at the correct levels. Lead contamination is also a problem in some communities. Unfortunately, for parents wanting the best water they can get for their little ones, tap water can be an unknown commodity that can change composition with environmental changes.

Bottled Water

What is it? Bottled water, unless it has been specially bottled for infants, is not the best for a baby. Commercially bottled water may contain added flavoring, added vitamins or minerals, and possibly carbonation. Bottled water is not sterile. It is not proper purified water for babies, and should be sterilized if it will be used.

Purified Water

What is it? purified water for babies is distilled and sterile. Distilled water is purified because it has been boiled into vapor and then condensed back into liquid form. It is safe to mix baby formulas and cereal with purified water for babies. This is because the balance of nutrients given to babies under four years old matters. Water with minerals, vitamins or other undetermined content like spring water can change the balance of minerals in the food. Babies need time to grow and build up the balance of nutrients that they take in. This is why purified water for babies is the best choice.

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