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Is Bottled Water the Best Solution for Your Baby?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Today’s parent is raising their children in an entirely different world than any parent in history. The mass of information coming at them through the internet, social media, magazines, and how-to books can be conflicting, confusing, and overwhelming. There’s a constant pressure to be perfect, but how to do that is not clear because so much of the advice thrown at them is contradictory and inconsistent. And just how often does this advice only make more work for the busy parent and complicate their life? At Bay Bay Water, our top priority is helping today’s parent keep their baby safe, but we also believe in making things easier, simplifying life so they can enjoy every moment with their little one. One of the ways we’re accomplishing this is through research and efforts that have allowed us to produce the safest and most convenient bottled water for babies.

It started with extensive research into the many contaminants that frequently show up in urban water supplies and rural well water. Parents should not have to worry every time they add water to their baby’s bottle for formula or to their cereal. However, the most commonly sold bottled water is fortified with minerals that the formula also contains, risking an imbalance through extra doses of these minerals.

Is Bottled Water the Best Solution for Your Baby?

We went to work to create our distilling process, including softening the water, passing it through a one-micron filter for intensive screening, putting it through the distiller, and finally giving it an ozone treatment prior to an ultra-sanitized packaging process. It’s the bottled water for babies that parents can trust and feel good about using knowing they’ve selected the best for their little ones.

So why should you reach for Bay Bay bottled water for your family? Here are the biggest reasons we’re so passionate about it.

Safety first

As parents, we’ve all been in those situations where we’re just not sure about the water coming out of the tap. Maybe that’s at home in a building with older pipes, maybe we’re visiting a friend in the country, or maybe we’re at an outing and the only thing available is a fountain to fill our baby’s bottle from. The first thought may be to reach for a regular bottle of water—they’re everywhere. However, experts suggest that special “nursery” water products that are specifically treated and created for bottled water for babies are the safest solution.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the inclusion of fluoride into public water systems. Fluoride is also often a common additive in regular bottled water, but our baby’s formula most likely also contains fluoride. So suddenly they’re getting a double dose or more of it. Regular mixing of formula with and fluorinated water increases your baby’s risk of fluorosis and could cause faint lines and streaks on their teeth. When you reach for distilled water products that are designed especially for babies, you can rest assured that they’re safe for mixing with your baby’s food and drinks, and that they’ve been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, meeting their water quality standards.

Convenience for all situations with bottled water for babies

When parents have to worry about what they’re putting into their baby’s bottle or food, it takes their focus away from enjoying each moment as their baby quickly grows up. Scrambling around, searching for safe water when your baby is hungry is just not an ideal situation for anyone. Whether you’re a working mom trying to balance out all your roles, a stay-at-home Dad juggling kids and all their activities, or a family enjoying a memorable outing, we want to make life easy and enjoyable. Wherever you are, reaching for one of Bay Bay’s purified distilled bottled water for babies means making a bottle has never been so easy or worry free.

Your baby’s health is our top priority. That’s why Bay Bay bottled water for babies is phosphate and fluoride-free, packed in convenient single-serve bottles you can take on the go. Our 24-pack of 16.9 ounce bottles is available for free-two day shipping for even more convenience!

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