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Purified Water for Babies: Everything you need to know to prevent gas

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

When it comes to your baby’s good health, you want to be sure that you are doing everything properly. You have chosen the best baby bottle, and you’ve decided on the best formulas to use. Preventing gas is an important concern. The water you use is important to Baby’s wellbeing also. Don’t forget about the water that the formula is mixed with. Since water is something that you will use often, it’s important to know how the water can affect your little one’s tummy. Are you careful to use only purified water for babies?

Purified Water for Babies: Everything you need to know to prevent gas

Babies become gassy. That is obvious when even your healthy, well-fed little one just can’t stop crying. When there seems to be nothing else wrong, the problem is probably gas or colic, and it’s common. It can be prevented, and distilled, purified water for babies is one of the things that can help. Even though you have done everything right when mixing the formula and properly ventilating the bottom of the baby bottle, it’s also essential to be careful not to put the minerals out of balance. Baby formula comes with a specific balance of nutrition, and unknowns in the tap water or spring water could put the minerals out of balance, which could result in gas or tummy pain.

What difference can a little water make? A lot!

Purified water for babies is the best thing for formulas. Not because they don’t need minerals, but because they do. They just need those minerals in the balance that the formula intended. Regular tap water, or bottled spring water, can cause problems that may never become apparent, and gas or mineral imbalance is definitely one of those. Not all bottled water is safe, but purified water is the best water available to give to a baby and to rely on when upset tummies are an issue. Tap water is cleaned to remove pollutants and contaminants. It can have some unwanted things in it that baby doesn’t need, like flavor enhancers, or even chlorine. Another common additive to tap water is fluoride and that is also something to be careful with. This mineral is much safer for adults than it is for infants.

It is possible to make purified and distilled water( through boiling and condensing it. Doctors have often recommended this option, but it does not completely filter out all the things that could be problems, and it is not very convenient, either. It would be more convenient and a lot faster to use bottled water, and that is why Bay Bay Water provides purified water for babies that comes in bottles. Sometimes, the need for convenience and a time saver sends busy parents to the tap.

If you want to be sure to give your baby the healthiest and best ingredients and make things easier on all of you when you go out for the day, Bay Bay Purified water for babies will give your baby just the right amount of everything they need. It is safe and convenient and tasty, too. Having the bottles on hand will make everyone more relaxed, and it will make formula time easier.

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