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Find Out the Reputable Online Water Suppliers to Obtain Purified Water From

Updated: May 24

You may have invested in distilled water for your own daily hydration needs, but did you know doctors recommend using purified water for babies? Using distilled water for mixing baby formulas and cereals has many benefits to keep your little one healthy.

Find Out the Reputable Online Water Suppliers to Obtain Purified Water From

What is Distilled Water? Does the type of water really matter when mixing formula? Is distilled water really any different from the water from the tap or spring water? The short answer: yes! Distilled water is purified by boiling water into vapor and condensing it back into a liquid form. Springwater is not recommended for infants on the formula given the trace amount of minerals (whether natural or added) found in each bottle. The best and safest choice for parents feeding formula or rice cereal diet is purified water that has been processed to remove excessive minerals. Distilled water is the purest water on the planet, you should be providing this purified water for your babies. Why Use Distilled Water Using purified water for babies inhibits the unhealthy intake of minerals. Don’t babies need minerals? Of course! But your little one’s dietary requirements are conveniently found in the formula and rice cereals that have been designed to meet the perfect balance of mineral intake they need. In the early stages of a child’s life, the digestive and immune systems are still developing. In these critical stages, parents want to be proactive in reducing the risk of their little one coming into contact with harmful bacteria. By using distilled water to mix your baby’s meals, you can prevent mineral overdose and ensure a balanced diet. Purified Water for your Family Investing in distilled water is one-way parents can encourage a healthy and safe diet for their children. Purified water for babies reduces mineral overdose and keeps infants protected from potential exposure to harmful chemicals or minerals. While boiling and condensing water for distillation has been recommended in the past, this process can never truly purify water to the degree found in commercially distilled water. Not to mention the process, when done at home, is time-consuming for any busy parent! If you’re tired of sterilizing glass bottles or lugging around jugs of distilled water, there is an easy solution for you. Bay-Bay Water LLC has designed distilled water with both parents and baby in mind. With a thorough quality assurance practice involving routine inspections both during processing and before shipping, Bay-Bay Water guarantees the purest water in every bottle. The convenient BPA-free bottles are perfect for parents on the run, and the sleek design allows for easy handling. The size of the bottle allows parents to easily throw one in their travel bag or tuck it into a stroller. Each bottle has a measuring system on the back, so parents know exactly how much water they use and how much they have for the next feeding time. Bay-Bay Water’s purified water for babies has been designed with the health of your child as the number one priority. Save time, reduce anxiety, and guarantee the health and happiness of your little one with Bay-Bay Water’s guaranteed pure water.

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