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Best Water for Babies — Mineral, Purified or Distilled

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Do babies need water? Should you give your little one water to drink? And if so, what is the best water for babies? There are many choices of bottled water available. What kind of water do infants need? Is purified water for babies the best option there is?

As adults, water is essential and hydrating. It helps everything in the system stay balanced. Babies have different hydration and nutritional needs. Doctors advise that babies should only have breast milk or formula in their first year, or at least until they reach six months. During that time, though, the baby formula needs to be very carefully mixed with the right amount of water. In other words, yes, babies do need a little bit of the right kind of water. Bottled water is best, both to be sure and comfortable with your choice, and because it is so much more convenient.

The right choice

What is the difference between bottled waters, and why is purified water for babies the right choice? Tap water is not a good choice for babies because, although it is likely to be safe and clean, the level and concentration of minerals and vitamins in it is not certain, and that makes it very challenging to keep your baby’s nutritional requirements in alignment.

Mineral water that is purchased from the store is labeled as mineral water because it contains dissolved minerals, either added or naturally occurring. The minerals are likely to be calcium, potassium, iron, or fluoride. Too much water of any kind for babies under one year of age can flush out sodium levels, which can lead to as extreme of issues as seizures and brain damage. It is never a good idea to supplement a baby’s diet with water, but when you do need a bit of water, be sure to buy water that is specifically tailored for babies. That is purified and distilled water.

What is the difference between purified water and distilled water for babies?

Purified water for babies is water that is completely pure and clean. It has gone through a reverse osmosis process that removes chemicals and harmful substances so that it is 100% pure. Distilled water has gone through a further purification process. Distilled water is boiled to evaporation, and the steam is gathered into a clean container and condensed back to form water that is entirely clean, pure, sterile, and safe.

The best water for babies is purified, distilled water because it is completely free of minerals, vitamins, and especially contaminants. Yes, babies do need minerals, but the minerals they need are already mixed in the baby formula. That formula meets all their needs. Using purified water for babies ensures that there is no risk of mineral overdose, and that the caregiver knows exactly what their little one is receiving.

Even when babies get a little bit older, water is still not a priority over breast milk or formula. But it can be introduced slowly after six months or a year. Purified water for babies should still be the choice of water. Toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 years can take water and formula, and other purees. As a beverage, water is the healthiest choice.

Purified water for babies is the best bottled water choice to mix with formula or cereal. It is 100% free of fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, minerals, lead, and other contaminants.

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