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The Importance of Drinking Fluoride-Free Water

Updated: 7 days ago

Like all parents, your baby’s health and well-being is your first priority. When it comes to what goes into your baby’s body, you want to be very careful and ensure that it is what is best for your child. Water is one of the building blocks of life, a necessity for a developing body, so you want to ensure that the water you get for your child is the best quality you can find. You don’t want to have too many extra minerals and substances going into your child’s body while they are still developing, so you may be looking for fluoride free water for babies to mix with your baby’s formula and cereals. But what are the benefits and importance of your baby drinking fluoride-free water while they are very young, and what is the best source for pure water?

The Importance of Drinking Fluoride-Free Water

Purified Distilled Water

When you are looking for fluoride-free water for babies, then distilled water is going to be your best choice to ensure pure water, free of any contaminants and minerals. Distillation of water is a process by which the water is boiled, then the vapor is collected and condensed back into a liquid form. This results in pure water for use, unlike just boiling water and using the boiled water, because that just reduces the amount of water while keeping the same amount of contaminant (therefore increasing their relative parts per million.)

Ensuring a Balanced Intake of Minerals

Most baby formula and cereals on the market have specific amounts of minerals and nutrients that are ideal for developing babies. By using fluoride-free water for babies through distilled water, you will be able to maintain the balance of minerals and nutrient benefits of the formula and food you are giving your baby. As well, by using distilled water, you can ensure there are not going to be any dangerous contaminants or undetermined mineral contents that are often found in spring water.

It is also important to control your baby’s intake of phosphates. Phosphates will alter groundwater and reduce the amount of oxygen while increasing the amount of mineral and organic content that you may not want your baby to ingest. Phosphorus can be good for health, but too much of it can cause medical issues, such as diarrhea, the hardening of organs and soft tissues, and interference with the body’s ability to process other minerals, like zinc and magnesium.

Avoiding Fluorosis

Fluorosis is a cosmetic issue that can affect your child’s teeth when too much fluoride is ingested. This fluoride can come from certain baby foods, toothpaste, or often from tap water in the US. Fluorosis is only going to cause small white lines or streaks on the teeth, and it cannot develop once permanent teeth break through the gums. To minimize the risk of this cosmetic problem, you can use fluoride-free water for babies, like bottled distilled water, to minimize your baby’s exposure to fluoride.

If you are looking for fluoride-free water for babies, then visit Bay-Bay Water and order convenient bottles of purified distilled water that you can carry around in your busy life.

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