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Can My Baby Drink Water with Fluoride?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

As a parent you will do everything to protect your child. There is a lot to think about including should a child be breastfed or on formula. One of the things that parents need to think about when looking at feeding your baby formula is, what is in the water you are mixing it with? Is it fluoride free water for babies?

Tap Water VS Purified Water VS Distilled Water

Tap water is filtered through municipal water treatments. After the treatment there can be contaminants left in the water such as aluminum, copper and iron. Many municipalities add fluoride to the water. Tap water is filtered for human consumption but it is not fluoride free water for babies.

Purified water has additional filter process. The filtering will remove additional algae, bacteria and metals. Purification can be commercial or with an in-home system. Purification can be completed through coagulation (adding charged chemicals to the water to bind with negative particles so they can be filtered), sedimentation (using floc to settle to the bottom of the supply causing it to separate from clean water) or filters such as charcoal, gravel or sand. Some filtration systems use chemicals to remove bacteria and viruses.

Distilled water is purified with boiling the water, then capturing the steam and bringing it back to a water state. Distilled water is thought to be the purest water removing over 99% of minerals and contaminants and is fluoride free water for babies.

Why Use Distilled Water for Baby Formula?

Distilled water is the purest form of water. This means that there are no chemicals such as fluoride and no minerals. Baby formula is engineered to have the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals needed for a child. Using any other water will change the compound of the formula.

Fluoride free water for babies

There have been studies about fluoride, it is great for preventing tooth decay, however it is not great for an infant. If an infant consumes fluoride, there is a risk of dental fluorosis. This condition happens when the teeth are being formed under the gums. There will be white spots on the surface of the teeth when they appear. Skeletal fluorosis is another condition that can happen, but it involves bones instead of teeth. There is a concern that the ligaments can calcify, and the bone structure can be altered. Using a fluoride free water for babies with your formula is the best option.

The Bay Bay Advantage

Bay Bay water uses a 7-step purification process to ensure that the water is clean and is fluoride free water for babies so that when mixed with formula there is no danger of overdosing on chemicals or minerals. The water is in a BPA free, nontoxic plastic container. Our bottles are easy to read how many ounces are left so that you know that there is enough water for another baby bottle.

Distilled fluoride free water for babies is the best way to make sure that your little one is going to grow up healthy and strong and no fear of chemical or mineral overdose.

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